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How you feel often depends on how you skin looks and feels. In the past few years, doctors all over the world have discovered that the use of alpha hydroxy acid can significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

The NeoStrata alpha hydroxy acid product line was developed under the guidance of Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, the pioneers of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) therapy. It took them more than two decades to research and further develop this technology.

NeoStrata has a range of skin care products that contain an alpha hydroxy acid called glycolic acid. In nature, glycolic acid appears in several fruits, and in sugar cane. The preparations containing glycolic acid are available in various strengths, preparations and compositions, and can smooth skin and give it a more healthy appearance. Amongst other things, small wrinkles can be reduced. Through the consistent use of NeoStrata AHA skin care products, a "renewal" of the skin can be achieved. Fruit acid peel treatments with 20-70% NeoStrata, are carried out professionally, under the guidance of a dermatologist and very carefully.

In this way, skin renewal of the face and décolleté is achieved – without surgery. The results for acne, all kinds of wrinkles and scars, and skin aging spots on the face are excellent, and often save a large surgical operation. Small wrinkles and spots caused by the sun disappear completely and improve the skin turgor (tautness of the skin). Large winkles are injected in connection with the treatment. This treatment is equally popular with women and men, and is completely problem free when used correctly.