Cellulite is referred to as a disorder of subcutaneous fat, which is identified by unsightly dimples in the skin; especially on the thighs and buttocks. It particularly affects women.

With treatment methods such as the vacuum massage VelaSmooth®, stimulation current therapy, LDM©-Ultraschal and algae-applications in combination with physical activity and weight control, treatment success can be achieved with visible results in a short time.

Cellulite treatment

TiteFX™ provides body contouring through the reduction of fat stores as well as tightening through radio frequency power, vacuums and deep heat.This method also heats the skin and tissue through radio frequency and also provides an additional vacuum massage for purification. The deep heat stimulates the metabolism of fat cells, shrinks collagen fibres and stimulates new production. This results in tighter tissue and a smoother surface.

TiteFX™ is part of BodyTite™’s new product range. The BodyTite™ (invasix) procedure is a sophisticated, minimally invasive procedure that uses patented radio frequency liposuction (RFAL™), in order to achieve effective body contouring as well as significant skin tightening.