Skin care

Every skin has its own "face". Healthy diet, a balanced lifestyle and targeted care from the outside enable the skin to offer protection to the body. Resistance and elasticity are different for each individual. Every skin is different - dry, sensitive, rough, greasy or a mixture of all of them.

Targeted skin care

As every skin type is different, the products for skin care are also different. There is no universal remedy. For cleansing and moisturising the skin, compatible care products are essential. They should complement each other in their mode of action, should targetedly intermesh, build on the protective shield of the skin, and protect the skin against harmful influences.

A trained eye helps.

The Cosmetic Center Dres. med. Meyer-Rogge is your supplier for a complete skin therapy and care programme.

You will receive an individual concept, personally tailored to you, supported by dermatologically tested care products by selected manufacturers.

Targeted and individual care is an excellent wellbeing element.